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I love to travel!   I'm retired, I'm on a fixed income, and I'm a penny pincher, but that doesn't mean that I can't have absolutely first rate travel experiences.
There are many ways I choose to travel. I cruise on big ships, I travel on river boats, and I take organized tours, but one of my favourite ways to experience a place is the "SLOW TRAVEL" way.
When people travel to a new destination, they often "try to see it all". They study and prepare lists using the guidebooks, and pack each day so full of experiences that they end up needing a holiday when they return home.
Slow travel is a "quality over quantity" state of mind which allows travellers to engage more fully with communities along their route, often favouring visits to spots enjoyed by local residents rather than following guidebooks.
Slow travel does include visits to the tourist sights, but it also allows you to sit and relax for an afternoon at a neighbourhood café, or on a park bench, simply people-watching.
You shop at local markets and use local transportation. You wander the streets joining the "locals", experiencing the journey through new, yet almost familiar eyes.
Slow Travel is the way to explore new countries, crowded cities, pastoral countrysides, rugged landscapes--anywhere your curiosity leads you. And it costs less than you might expect.

See below for some of my favourite trips.
More to follow.

If you have any questions about these trips,
email me.