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Chatting up a storm is what we do for the lonely, the shut-ins or those in hospital. Well, maybe not always vocally, but this committee does like to contact any of our colleagues who happen to be feeling "BLUE" for whatever reason.
CALL any one of us in the list below. Our colleagues who need a bright spot in their life are depending on you to notify us.

We need to know about those members who are in need of a little TLC - (Teachers' Lively Contact).
We love to telephone, send cards, visit, send or bring flowers. For those so seriously ill that they may not remember who was in contact or visited them we can leave a card with an RTO symbol on it and a place for the member's name who had visited.
The Goodwill Committee representatives try to stay in touch with our more senior RTO members. As well, we recognize special birthdays or other special occasions and times of illness. We appreciate hearing from RTO District 31 members when you think someone needs some attention from the Goodwill people.


In ARTHUR, HARRISTON & MOUNT FOREST, contact Joyce Barnes 519 - 848 - 2351 or joyce.barnes@sympatico.ca

In ROCKWOOD, ERIN & HILLSBURGH, contact Mariana Howlett 519 - 836 - 8585 or marina.howlett@sympatico.ca
In ELORA, FERGUS, SALEM & ALMA, contact Marg Hall 519 - 846 - 5235 or margcarl.hall@gmail.com

In DRAYTON, MOOREFIELD & PALMERSTON, contact Jean Brodhaecker 519 - 638 - 2291
In GUELPH, contact
Brenda McGinnis 519 - 824 - 5263 or dmcgin602@rogers.com
Nancy Baker 519 - 822 - 6653 or nancyida@sympatico.ca
Mary Hermann 519 - 821 - 3892 or maryhermann@rogers.com