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PROJECT - SERVICE to OTHERS (PSTO) initiated by RTO District 31 and funded by RTO NATIONAL

Project - Service to Others is a National RTO/ERO program that provides grants to Districts for initiatives that support the concept of "Service to Others". The intent is to contribute to a variety of community projects and thereby raise the profile of the RTOERO by demonstrating, to active educational workers, and to the public, that retired educational workers care about their communities and are willing to help others who need assistance.

Information on the Project - STO application process and the application forms for the current year are available on the National RTOERO website.  
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2020       $4000.00
Support for One By One: The Latin America Project  focuses on relieving poverty, advancing education and promoting health in Guatemalan communities. This grant will help the group to create and distribute COVID-19 survival lifebags. The project will benefit 136 families living in Anibal Archila, Barcenas, Villa Nueva, Guatemala. Each family will receive a bag containing hand sanitizer, masks, a thermometer and food staples that are in short supply.
2019       $4000.00
Support for J.O.E. (Jobs, Opportunities, Enterprise) which is helping over 30 adults with developmental disabilities gain work experiences and training. This will help expand their coffee kiosks to include another one at a medical centre in Guelph in Guelph.
2017       $2751.00.00
Supported a School Nutrition Program for Mayan Children. Three eco stoves were purchased for three schools to help provide hot nutritious lunches for the children.
2013       $3000.00
Support for a Literacy program in Guatemala.
2012       $4000.00
Support for the Western Ontario Drama League Festival March 11 - 16 hosted by the Guelph Little Theatre.
2011       $3000.00
"Age Strong/Fight Wrong" involved Teens and Seniors working together in workshops to promote understanding of each other and mutual respect.
2009       $4000.00
This project helped fund the local production of "Tommy" by Royal City Musical Productions in Guelph.
2008       $3860.00
Adult and teen literacy circles in El Salvador promotes reading, writing and mathematics. The receiving group was Comunidad Fundacion - SHARE.
2006       $4000.00
"Rollercoaster to Recovery" was a sponsorship of a second edition of a guidebook for families and support groups coping with mental illness.
2005       $4000.00
The St. Lucia Learning Project assisted in the development of a summer camp promoting numeracy and literacy.
2004       $4000.00
RTO helped improve conditions at the La Mascota Hospital in Managua.
2002       $4000.00
Nabumali Youth Hostel Project - Phase 2 Construction of a student hostel, which eventually became a secondary school.