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Travel Co-ordinator:  Lynn Morrison 519 - 323 - 2419 (until Nov. 1), then 813 - 780 - 8083    Email: lynnmorrison@wightman.ca


May 25 2019
On behalf of those of us who went on the District 31 bus trip yesterday to Toronto to see Dear Evan Hansen, I would like to thank Lynn for once again organizing a very enjoyable trip. Lunch was delicious and very efficiently served; the play was fantastic; our seats were great; and the game we played on the bus was fun. The treats were also appreciated. We were so grateful to be on a bus that was expertly driven especially during the ride home when we drove through a horrendous thunderstorm. We all felt very safe on the Great Canadian Coach with our incredibly capable driver.

It truly is a wonderful experience to be driven right to and from the theatre in Toronto to see a hit play. This is a great opportunity for District 31 members who love theatre but hate the hassle of driving (and parking) to Toronto (or Niagara or Stratford). It was great to see some of our older members with mobility issues have the chance to enjoy a stress free outing to the theatre.

I talked with a number of participants who had a very good time and look forward to future outings.

Thank you very much, Lynn, for organizing another very successful outing!

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